MobiFilter – Android

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MobiFilter for Android


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Effective immediately Mobifilter is no longer for sale.

We recommend checking out the offerings from CloudVeil.  The MobiFilter service will continue to operate until all existing subscriptions have expired.  Thanks for your support over the years.

What is MobiFilter?

MobiFilter was created to fill the need for content filtering on mobile devices.  Using specially developed software, it redirects all web traffic through our customized, highly scalable filtering servers.  Mobifilter is sold as a subscription with monthly or yearly pricing available and is licensed on a per family basis.

Filtering Technology

MobiFilter provides the following filtering technology:

Content Filtering / Whitelist / Blacklist—This provides a secure browsing experience. We have a large list of blocked sites. If a site is not blocked immediately we run it through our content scanner in search of unwanted material.

Setup Instructions

Setup instructions are available here.