The ListenToChurch platform supports automatically deleting recordings after a set period of time.  This is controlled from your conference settings page.

Once a stream recording has been deleted we no longer have access to it and are not able to perform any sort of recovery.

If your conference bridge ( is set to record then there is a possibility that we can recover a recording from backups in some cases.  However, this is a manual and time-consuming process and should only be a last resort.  As such, there is a $50 fee per recording.

If you wish us to attempt to recover a recording we will need your conference bridge ID and the recording ID.  You will need to go into your conference history and select the conference.

Once you’ve selected the conference you can find the information you need in your browser’s address bar.

In this example, the conference ID is “9235230” and the recording ID is “X63fc473c1104686b”