MobiLocker is a secure and powerful App Locker and Mobile Device Management application for Android devices with the following features and many more:

  • Support for many different versions of Android from 2+
  • Standard app locker with full local blocking functionality.
  • Automatic blocking of applications based on categorization and content rating.
  • Managed app blocking polices
    • App blocks from the server are not able to be unlocked from the device itself even with the device password.
  • Multi user blocking.
  • Guest mode blocking.
  • Notify you when blocking is removed from device.
  • Control camera access on a per app basis.
    • IE, block the camera from SnapChat but allow it in your banking app or flashlight.
  • Recovery code that is reset on each use.
  • Samsung enhanced protection available.
    • Set and enforce global device proxy
    • Fully block multiple users
    • Fully block guest mode
    • Remove preinstalled applications such as Chrome and YouTube
    • Completely disable removal of locker
    • Block safe mode
    • Block factory reset

Visit our Trello page to view the product roadmap and wishlist. Contact us with suggestions or additions to this list.

Enterprise licensing is available which allows for custom branding and deploying your own app locking policies. Custom development is readily available with reasonable rates. Contact us for more information.