Setup Streaming from Android

Getting Started

  1. Install BroadcastMySelf from the Google Play Store (  We'll demo the free version but we recommend the paid version for the ability to auto reconnect.

Start BroadcastMySelf and click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Adjust General Settings

  1. Confirm that Output mode is set to "Icecast V2 Server"

Setup Stream Settings

  1. Click on "Output Settings" and adjust the settings to be as follows:
    1. Hostname:
    2. Port: 8000
    3. Path: /streamid 
    4. Username: source
    5. Password: Your stream password
    6. MP3 Encoder Bitrate: 64kbps.  If you're using something other than 64 please contact to let us know.