Instreamer Setup Instructions

You will be provided with a link for your listeners to visit.
The stream management site will be located at a site like this depending on which server your stream is hosted on.
Your username and password will be provided during account setup.
When you plug the instreamer in it will play the IP address out through the headset jack on it.  If you access that address from a web browser you can adjust settings on it.  One setting you may want to change is Configuration -> Advanced Settings -> Audio -> A/D Amplifier Gain.  The correct setting will vary based on how hot the connection from your mixer is.
The instreamer can be configured to stream on input level.  It will hold a connection to the stream server open but won’t send any audio until the input hits the trigger level.  This setting is specified under Configuration -> Advanced Settings -> Trigger Level.  This method can work very well but it requires monitoring to ensure that private services are not broadcast.  You can also plug the instreamer into a power bar and just switch it off and on as desired.  If you choose this method you would set the instreamer to Stream Always.
It can take up to 30 seconds for the conference bridge to be live after the instreamer receives audio.  The delay is caused by the buffer on the device, the buffer on the server side, as well as the connection from the streamer to the conference bridge.