New! Streaming Loudspeaker
Tired of too many cords and not enough volume? This always-on loudspeaker will allow you to listen to your church service with ease. Remotely configure up to 8 bookmarks using our online dashboard making it ideal for grandparents and the elderly.

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ListenToChurch Streaming

Audio Broadcast Features

  • Online Listeners
  • High Capacity
  • Local numbers available
  • Dedicated lines, no PINs required
  • No beep, auto-muted conferences
  • Toll free numbers available

Unparalled Quality • Dedicated Hardware Available
*Powered By TurboBridge
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Audio Streaming and Conference Calling

Our conferencing bridge uses the latest technology to deliver improved clarity and reduced noise. The result is unparalleled quality, even over phone lines.


The EasyListen is custom built to work with church’s PA systems.
It is specifically designed to connect to Aleph Communication’s systems and can be remotely managed by us.

Gospel Literature

Life seems to be continuing to get more complex and many are uncertain what to believe. I believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides hope for all people. If you are tired or discouraged, there is hope in Christ.

6 Reasons To Choose Us
For Your Conferencing and Streaming

Packages and Pricing
(All plans are easy to upgrade)


250+ simultaneous callers


1000+ smaller communities


Dial directly without PINs

Auto-muted conferences

No audio from other callers

Toll free

Access available at $0.05 per minute

Audio Quality

Audio enhancement technology