Conferencing and Streaming

Conference Call Features

High Capacity

  • Our USA Flat Rate and Toll Free Access numbers all come with capacity for 250+ simultaneous callers. 

Local numbers

  • We have access to dedicated local access numbers in thousands of smaller communities across North America.  These numbers are billed per minute.  Capacity on these lines varies by location.

Dedicated lines, no PINs required

  • Our conference bridges are available with dedicated access numbers.  This allows your listeners to dial directly into the conference without having to remember PINs and access codes.

No beep, auto-muted conferences

  • By default our conference bridges are configured to start in Presentation Mode.  This means that your callers will never hear audio from other callers.

Toll free numbers

  • Canada and USA Toll Free Access available at $0.05 per minute

Excellent Audio Quality  

  • Our conferencing bridge uses patent pending audio enhancement technology which delivers improved clarity, reduced noise, and more natural conversation.  The result is an unparalleled quality even over telephone lines. 

High Definition and Streaming Audio

Our streaming audio and HD offering allows the church to broadcast a CD quality audio stream.  Listeners can connect in the following ways:

  • POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) The user can call in from their mobile or home phone.  The quality of this connection is limited by what the telephone network is able to support.
  • HD Audio (G722) This can be from a web browser, a ~$100 dedicated phone, or a dedicated box.  This connection is much clearer than a POTS connection.
  • Streaming Audio (MP3) An MP3 streaming connection provides an unsurpassed stream.  Depending on bandwidth available it can provide CD quality or better.

Check out what the different audio quality sounds like by clicking on the links below. We prepared this files by playing a prerecorded music file into a Barix Instreamer.   These files are from the same song and the represent the listener experience connecting via different methods. 

Packages and Pricing

All plans are easy to upgrade.

Free Plan

- high quality, high capacity conference bridge

- callers enter pins

- available to qualifying organizations

Basic Plan

- high quality, high capacity conferencing

- the church must enter a pin to broadcast

- callers use a dedicated number and are direct connected


$20.00 / Month

Basic Plan - Local

- high quality, high capacity conferencing

- no one enters pin numbers

- the church has one local per minute number to call to broadcast the service

- the callers have another local per minute number which directs them to the service

- a flat rate long distance number is available for giving out for special events or out of area callers


$30.00 / Month      

Local Number Rate: $0.25/min

Streaming Plan (Most Popular)

- top quality, higher capacity conferencing

- no pins or access codes required

- listeners call long distance number

- streaming link available for listeners

- church needs internet connection and streaming hardware


Conference bridge $20.00 / Month

Streaming MP3 Access $10.00 / Month

Total $30.00 per month

Audio Samples

Standard Audio (G711)

High Definition Audio (G722)

MP3 Stream @ 128kbps

Android Audio Player

Aleph Audio Player

Check out the Aleph Audio Player for Android!  Now available in the Google Play Store.

The free edition is limited to 3 streams stored.  Paid edition coming soon.

Generic Devices

You can use almost any laptop, tablet, or smartphone to broadcast an MP3 stream.  Please be aware that in many cases the quality will be less than that of an EasyStream but it does work.  Here are a few recommended applications.


Butt (broadcast using this tool)


iCast 2




Butt (broadcast using this tool)


Butt (broadcast using this tool)



The Easy Stream is custom built to work with church's PA systems.  It transmits audio into our MP3 Streaming service like the Barix Instreamer but this device is also capable of playing audio back into your mixer to make it simpler to listen to streaming services elsewhere.  It is specifically designed to connect to Aleph Communication's systems and can be remotely managed by us.

The Easy Stream is available for sale in Canada from us or from Montezuma Sound in the USA.

Barix Instreamer

This device transmits the audio into our MP3 Streaming service and into your conference bridge when it its turned on or when the volume level is high enough.

The Barix Instreamer is available for sale in Canada from us or from Montezuma Sound in the USA. 

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