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We recommend using dedicated hardware such as our EasyStreams or Barix instreamers for regular use.  However, if you’re needing to stream from an alternate location or are having hardware problems you can use an Android iOS device.

You’ll need a special cable such as this one to connect your device to a mixer.  As usual, be very sure that you’re connecting your device to line level and not to an amplifier port. For more information check out this page on Wikipedia.

Android instruction page.

iOS instruction page.

You will need a high speed internet connection at the location you will be broadcasting from.  We typically set the Baris Instreamer to broadcast with a CBR (Constant Bit Rate) of 128kbps.  If you have an EasyStream we would recommend setting it to 64kbps as the audio quality will be similar to a Barix at 128kbps.  You will want to make sure that your internet is faster than this to allow for other traffic as well as stream overhead.  It is also important that the latency of your connection is consistent.  We do have customers connecting over the cellular network but this is only recommended if you can get a solid connection and have sufficient local technological expertise.

Not at this time.  It is possible to connect your dial-in conference bridge to another conference bridge but this is not possible with MP3 streams.  We are evaluating implementing this in the future.

You will be provided with a link for your listeners to visit.
The stream management site will be located at a site like this depending on which server your stream is hosted on.
Your username and password will be provided during account setup.
When you plug the instreamer in it will play the IP address out through the headset jack on it.  If you access that address from a web browser you can adjust settings on it.  One setting you may want to change is Configuration -> Advanced Settings -> Audio -> A/D Amplifier Gain.  The correct setting will vary based on how hot the connection from your mixer is.
The instreamer can be configured to stream on input level.  It will hold a connection to the stream server open but won’t send any audio until the input hits the trigger level.  This setting is specified under Configuration -> Advanced Settings -> Trigger Level.  This method can work very well but it requires monitoring to ensure that private services are not broadcast.  You can also plug the instreamer into a power bar and just switch it off and on as desired.  If you choose this method you would set the instreamer to Stream Always.
It can take up to 30 seconds for the conference bridge to be live after the instreamer receives audio.  The delay is caused by the buffer on the device, the buffer on the server side, as well as the connection from the streamer to the conference bridge.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Laptop

You can connect your laptop media player to the MP3 stream and then connect your headset output port from your laptop to the correct port on your PA system.

  • Smart Phone

The same principals apply as with your laptop.  The benefit to using a smart phone is that you probably have a data connection on it already.  However, you need to be sure the data connection is fast enough to handle the MP3 stream and that your data plan has sufficient data included.

  • Barix Exstreamer

If this is something you will be doing on a regular basis it would be worth considering purchasing a Barix Exstreamer.  This standalone box will require a network connection and can be easily configured to point to an MP3 stream.

  • EasyStream

The EasyStream devices come with an audio output port that can be connected to your mixer.  Once that is in place the audio can be controlled via the devices onboard web interface.

By default your conference bridge will come with the following message if recording is turned on: “This call is being recorded”.  In some cases we are able to have this message play only to those who are not muted/hosts.  If you would like this change made please contact us.

We will quote and charge you in the appropiate currency for your country.  Canadian customers will be charged in CAD and American customers will be charged in USD.


  • ServeStream
  • Chrome
    • Chrome on Android will function as an streaming MP3 player.

IOS (iPhone and iPad):


  • Chrome
    • Chrome will function as streaming MP3 player.
  • Windows Media Player


  • Chrome
    • Chrome will function as streaming MP3 player.